Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting it all out

This week I'm going to see my surgeon and get all the fluid taken out of my band. I haven't been able to eat properly for the last few weeks. The heartburn isn't bothering me right now, but I've been taking Nexium, so that's probably why.

I've had a hard time eating much of anything solid. It's been rough. I do not like being so tight. Two bites and I'm full? Painfully full? Even sometimes drinking plain liquid, (warm tea, or water even) is painful. That's not what the band has been for me. So, I'm just going to go ahead and get the fluid removed. Hopefully that will help with both the acid reflux and not being able to eat.

I've gained about 7-10 pounds. I'm sitting right around 200 on my home scale. Not too bad. It's still hard to see my weight going up.

I've been feeling a bit of depression trying to seep into my life. I know I need to kick it in the butt with good nutrition and exercise. It might take a bit to get there, but I will get on a good schedule again.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Surgeon's Visit

My surgeon's visit was great. He was very happy with how I look and how I'm doing. I was about 200 last time I was there, I've gotten as low as 188 and am back around 200 again. I weighed exactly 200 at his office. (Deep breaths!) But apparently I look different to him, so that's cool.

He said since I'm not having issues with vomiting or extreme band tightness, he'll just leave my fill until my third trimester at which point he'll take all the fluid out. Won't that be weird? I haven't even had to have an unfill yet, so I haven't gone backwards on restriction except for the natural fluctuations in the band and weight loss.

He said one of the biggest issues for pregnant ladies is the port bothering them. Since my port is detached, it should be just fine. He said he has actually removed ports from two pregnant women. One of them he put back in shortly after the baby came and the other one he said decided to just get her band out because 6 months after baby she hadn't put any weight back on. She was confident in her new lifestyle.

Last night I woke up with burning in my throat from acid reflux. I used to have that a lot before my surgery, but it was under control with Nexium. After surgery I was able to stop taking the Nexium. So last night I got up and took a Nexium and drank some Alka Selzer Heartburn Relief. Looks like the surgery helped me with run-of-the-mill heartburn, but maybe not pregnancy-induced heartburn.

I've been so tired I haven't been exercising lately, but with the beautiful weather today (74) I think we're going to have to go for a family walk!