Monday, January 4, 2010

New year and new goals

Hi again.
Time to face the music. This last month has not been kind to me, weight-wise. I've gained pretty close to 20 pounds in the last month. Unbelievable! That's enough to scare me straight. I acknowledge that much of it may be pregnancy caused, but certainly not all of it. I know my poor eating and lack of exercise has caused a lot of it.

My goals for right now can really only involve my actions, not controlling the results on the scale. So, for the month of January, I'm going to exercise every week day, for a total goal of 21 days.

Also, no sweets or desserts until Valentine's Day. I will have some on that occasion, then no more again until Easter. I'm sure much of my weight gain is chocolate-related.

I will also try to make healthier food choices, but I honestly think the above two goals are the crux of my problem right now, so getting that under control will help a lot.

I will try to blog more often to keep myself more accountable. Must not gain crazy amounts of weight any more.